Carpet for asthma sufferers

Carpet for asthma sufferers – this has long been a bone of contention.  Thankfully, the scaremongering of days gone by has ceased.  That said, we cannot get away from the fact that the message has stuck with some.  There is still a misconception that for those with asthma, carpet should be avoided.  We as an organisation, and as an industry, have long been guarded and defensive about the contribution carpet can make to indoor air quality.  But is it time to get on the front foot? In January the Daily Mail ran a piece entitled ‘Could the air in your home be killing you’?  The text was factually accurate and drew attention to the potential effects on health from airborne toxic chemical pollutants that are not dispersed because of inadequate ventilation in UK homes.

Increasingly, however, research is producing evidence that carpet, rather than being hazardous, has distinct health benefits.  The three dimensional construction of a carpet is such that many airborne pollutants, which need to be breathed in to cause harm, become collected in the pile of a carpet, until removed by routine vacuum cleaning, so preventing their recirculation in indoor air.

Carpet is not bad for you if you have asthma – fact!

Thank you to the Carpet foundation for this blog.

Karndean – Home Flooring


Home Flooring

Inspired by nature and designed for living, you’ll find Karndean floors available from Mawson Floors are not only attractive, but also highly practical. By offering a wide variation of colours, textures and finishes alongside design strips and borders, Karndean products allow you to get creative. With unique designs and endless opportunities for customisation, you are sure to create a look that is unique to your home – and even better, you can relax because all of our floors come with a peace of mind guarantee to last  many years to come. What’s more, we know how busy life gets with work, family and pets, so rather than offering a high maintenance product requiring even more work and effort on your part, our floors are easy to clean and maintain while still looking great! Mawson Floors offer a Karndean Floor Care kit with all our Karndean installations for peace of mind. If you’re currently in the process of renovating, moving or are thinking about getting a new floor consider the many options and styles available with a Karndean floor.  We’re here to help you find the perfect floor for your space, your needs and your style.untitled Have a question? Want to order some samples to feel and test our products yourself?  Feel free to leave a comment below, contact us via our contact form, email, phone, or follow us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you!

New Carpets, To Vacuum or not to Vacuum ?


Have you heard the common myth that you should let a new carpet “settle in” for a week or so?

In fact, the exact opposite is true.

Most new carpets will shed a small amount of loose fibres and these should be removed by vacuuming.

If left the fibres will be walked back into the carpet and can cause a matted appearance or even a Pilling effect similar to that found on a sweater.